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Reality TV Watch: Matt Levine, 'Glam God'

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Much has been written about the character Matt Levine and his yet-to-debut super duper exclusive butler-run LES spot the Eldridge. But until today, we didn't realize the man was a reality TV star, a fact that could open him up to more commentary from his detractors. DBTH found out last week when he got the invite to the pre-premiere party fo VH1's Glam Gods, a Project Runway copy but with stylists instead of designers and Vivica A. Fox as the buxom head judge. We got a review from a tipster who has, for some reason, been watching the show:

"I was watching VH1's 'Glam God' reality show last night, and I think Matt Levine is one of the contestants. Unfortunately, he has not done anything particularly interesting or entertaining thus far on the show, which is a bit of a train wreck itself (and not in the train-wreck-you-want-to-watch sense of the phrase)."

Just as Levine explains that his bar will finally give New York nightlife what it's been missing (customer service), he says he will give the fashion industry the "creativity" it's been lacking. From his Myspace: "Brands are becoming bigger than designs, logos are becoming more important than quality, so my reasoning for coming on the show was to get my creative vision out there, and say its not what you wear, its how you wear it." Show preview here.
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