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Revolving Door Rumormongering: Esnault Out at Adour?

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Some serious rumormongering over on Cutlets. According to his two "industry sources," Tony Esnault the executive chef at Adour is out, fired by his employer of three years Alain Ducasse:

"'The problems with Tony were personal ones,' says one source. 'The restaurant wasn’t doing well and people aren’t happy there. Part of what happened at Benoit had to do with management, including Tony.' No word yet on who Esnault’s replacement will be."
While Adour may not have received the mass critical acclaim Ducasse was hoping for, it still won three stars from the Times and was declared a "qualified victory" by the Brunz. Benoit's debut, on the other hand, was an utter flop. You had to know Ducasse would shake things up, but dropping the head chef at Adour, and formerly Essex House, isn't the predictable move.
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