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Good News/Bad News: White Star

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Sasha Petraske's newest project White Star opened in the old King Size space just last week. However, eight days was time enough for cocktail fiends and Petraske followers to visit the spot, try out his absinthe, and file reviews. We have to say, almost everything so far is glowing. But there are always the detractors, so we have some good news...and we have some bad news:

The Good News: The Lush Life team hit up White Star on opening night, and they're quickly smitten: "And, while the place was packed, there was still room to move as the absinthe flowed. Personally, I love the idea of the specialized bar without the frills, and White Star Bar delivers this simple concept with Petraske's impeccable taste and execution." [Lush Life]

The OK News: While the DBTH tipster seems disappointed that White Star doesn't serve cocktails, all in all the place seems okay: "It was pretty uncrowded with an easy door. They literally only serve absinthe and beer and there are NO cocktails as I was sharply informed by the bartender. They also do the absinthe service with the sugar and water like at Hotel Delmano...The crowd was banker and trendy les-siders (less hipster)...oh and the guy at the door was HILARIOUS with bright suspenders - he looks like something out of the monopoly era - they are really going all out with this whole 1920's thing." [DBTH]

The Good News: It sounds like this Paper Mag reviewer would pretty much like any project with the name Sasha Petraske attached. Naturally, she's a fan of White Star: Opening night, bartenders poured glasses of Swiss absinthe Kübler ($8) from an auto verseurs, a seemingly painstaking process involving sugar cubes and slotted spoons, which they had down to tee. Diluted with water, the finished product is pearly white and sweet, with a sharp anise-tinged herbaceousness, the long-misunderstood wormwood producing a tongue-numbing effect and not much else...Get there early to snag the little nook over the stairs to the bathroom and sip slowly -- you'll be staying a while." [Paper]

The Kind of Bad News: All of the Yelpers so far are giving the place raves, including the following review. However she points out a couple posible drawbacks: "I'm giving this four stars instead of five because it just isn't my kind of bar. I'm a fan of the 'secret bar' phenomenon because you can actually hear yourself think. This place is going to be very crowded, and given the slant toward very strong drinks, likely full of dudes." [Yelp]

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