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Plywood Special: Signs of life at Double Happiness Space

In July '07 ex-model and promoter Emma Cleary bought the space of Chinatown bar Double Happiness, announcing she would turn it into an exclusive club, Femme Fatale. One year later and the space is still dormant. Dormant until now. From a correspondent:

"Something is finally going on at the Double Happiness space on Mott Street. Before, the steps down were completely covered in trash - now they've been swept clean. When I walked by this morning, I saw a light on downstairs. Also, there's new paper (and permits) up in the windows of Palais Royale. Is that horrible-sounding Femme Fatale place actually going to become a reality?"
Our answer: we sure hope not. The original plan involved reverting Palais Royale, the space right above Double Happiness, back into a restaurant, so we'll see if either that notion—or the idea of an exclusive club downstairs—actually pans out.
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