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Receiptrocity: Good Deed Edition

Welcome to Receiptrocity, wherein entertaining dining/drinking receipts are shared. If you've got an interesting or outrageous bill, scan/photograph it and send it on over to

2008_08_katrina.jpgNot all editions of Receiptrocity involve outrageous charges and outlandish final tabs. Today, we have a reader impressed by a practice at Tabla:

"...always worth giving credit where it's due. Was at a restaurant in NYC with a friend called Tabla Bread Bar (as pretentious as it sounds) and we were happily surprised to see a "Katrina Relief" option below the tip line. More restaurants/retail should use this approach!"
At first we figured this had something to do with the three year anniversary of Katrina, but according to the folks at USHG Tabla has been doing this since December '05.
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