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Ko-BOOM: Ko Lunch Dish by Dish Break-Down

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Bon Ap's restaurant editor Andrew Knowlton nabbed the chance to preview the Ko lunch extravaganza this weekend and has filed a dish by dish review on the BA Foodist blog:

"My lunch ran well over three hours; I wouldn't be surprised if they end up cutting a few courses in the future. What follows are my recollections of each dish (in other words, I'm almost certain I got a few ingredients wrong here and there). Judging by the seasonality of the menu (lots of tomatoes, corn, baby veg, etc.), most of these dishes won't be around for long."
Click through to read about the soon to arrive "custom-designed bamboo box filled with shaved ice," the lobster salad with mini melon balls, Painted Hills beef carpaccio, corn parfait with chocolate, sour cream ice cream, and dehydrated corn kernels, and oh so much more.
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Momofuku Ko

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