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EaterWire: Whole Piglet Roast at Solace, Buddakan's Anniversary, and Psilakis Goes Shopping

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UPPER EAST SIDE— Yes this is kind of an excuse to run the picture to the right. But we figure we should pass along a reader tip that the Upper East Side's Solace is serving whole roast pigs, as promised in a June Daily News piece. Says our sated tipster: "Got 14 people together there for a 26 pound piglet this past Sunday...they normally have $15 a bottle corkage, but we worked out a by the head price that was generous to the waitstaff, so they waived corkage. Super deal given their beautiful outdoor seating." [EaterWire]

ASTORIA— Cutlets takes chef pal Michael Psilakis shopping in Astoria. Learn how to buy olives, feta, and organ meat from "the most famous Greek chef in America." [Cutlets]

PHILADELPHIA—This month, Philadelphia's Buddakan turns 10 years old. To celebrate, Stephen Starr sends out an email to friends and staff that begins with tragic anxiety— "Ten years ago I opened Buddakan in Philadelphia I was 700 thousand dollars over budget and had not a single dollar left"— and ends in triumph: "Buddakan is recognized throughout the world. We plan to expand this brand to Las Vegas Miami London and Dubai. I am blessed to have had incredibly talented and committed people working for me..." [EaterWire]


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