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Kurve Watch: It's Open But Don't Expect a Full Menu

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We finally have a first-hand account of someone who almost succeeded in eating at the bizarre and mysterious Kurve. But in the end, no dice:

"So, on a whim, I went to Kurve on Saturday. The place was pretty much empty. The walls and menu designs made me think of a Nike Womens store or something like that...My friend and I had ordered drinks and were trying to find something to order on the menu...when our waiter informed us that there were some changes to the menu, you know, because they'd just opened and were still working things out. We were then told to just disregard the whole first page. As it turned out, about 85% of the menu had been 86ed. Needless to say, we got up and left and will not be going back."
Apparently, just because a restaurant is technically "open" doesn't mean they'll be serving anything resembling "complete menu." Baby steps. At least the doors are open, staff on site.
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