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Adventures in Shilling: The Ko Resy Guru

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Sometimes shills are just so brazen that they deserve their own solo time in the spotlight. The following shill for a new social networking/service listing site (which has been redacted) arrived in the inbox yesterday:

"After reading your most recent post on Momfuku Ko's new lunch menu, I thought you might be interested in how I recently got a reservation there for my fiancee's birthday.
I hired a woman who listed herself as a food guru on [redacted]. [Redacted] is a site a group of friends and I recently launched that allows people to buy and sell services using their trusted network of friends and colleagues. In this case, I hired Anita, the food guru, for $25 a week to get me a table. Since she was a friend of a friend I felt comfortable giving her my login information and she felt comfortable inputting her credit card info to save the spot.
And sure enough three days later I got an e-mail saying that she had booked the spot for four people for the following week which ended up coinciding with my fiancee's birthday. We had a fabulous meal and needless to say [redacted] saved me quite a bit of time since I was able to find someone to log on every day to make the reservation."
Ah, of course. One of those ko resys whizzes who got a four spot in three days. Thanks but no thanks.
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