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Fall Tracking: Let the Fall Previews Begin

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It's not even Labor Day and some outfits are already rolling out their fall previews. Today both Metromix and NYMag came out with their extensive lists of the dozens upon dozens of restaurants and bars that hope to open in the upcoming season along with special pieces on everything from Zacky P's new ventures to Drew Nieporent's Corton, Ken Friedman's John Dory, and Todd English's Libertine. It's a hell of a lot to digest, so here's our advice. Wait until TONY and more importantly the Times unleash their previews to the world (NYT typically picks the Wednesday after Labor Day). Once we've got all the intel before us, we'll do a compare and contrast to decipher what some of these blurbs are actually telling us, predict who will actually open on time and who is looking at spring '09, and weed through the scrum to pick the spots we are truly excited about.
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· Where the Underground Gourmet Will Be Eating [NYM]
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