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Monday Opening Report: Black Iron Opening Today, Apotheke Next Week

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This is the Monday Opening Report, a regular feature that provides the precise status of venues. As per standard operating procedure around here, your contributions are so very welcome.

Apotheke in its Plywood Stage

1) East Village: The long-delayed Black Iron Burger Shop is reportedly opening today according to a number of sources, NYMag among them. They also reveal details of some pricey burger-griddling equipment: “Black Iron Burger Shop was created with a noble tool in mind: a heavy piece of ancient black iron that burgers would be griddled upon. But then owner Jason Hennings came up with an even more noble tool: an $8,000 Keating Miraclean griddle, a steel-and-chrome, thermostatically regulated monster that will be a lot easier on the small space than a black iron monolith would have been." Status: All signs point to opening tonight. We've had a number of witnesses spotting the soft open . UPDATE: Not open. From a tipster: "Stopped by at 8pm today. There are enough ketchup and mustard bottles for 1000 burgers....but sadly no burgers. The staff said come back at the end of the week." 540 E. 5th Street; 212-677-6067. [NYM]

2) Chinatown: Thrillist has word that secretive bar Apotheke is now soft-open and boasting the latest in cocktail gimmicks: apothecary-themed concoctions.They write: “Intricately concocted cocktails are organized according to apothecary treatments, e.g., Aphrodisiacs (champagne and cognacs), Pain Killers (tequilas and spices), Stress Relievers (incorporating lavender, sage, etc), and the cucumber/rose-water inflected category Health & Beauty -- for when you've drank enough to think you're both hale and "totally f'able".” Status: Not open. Hosting private parties all this week. We've heard reports they will open to the public on Sept 5. 9 Doyers Street; 212-406-0400. [Thrillist]