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The Plywood Report: Black Iron Burger, Pranna, Absinthe, Fu, and More!

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1) East Village: Looks like the long awaited Black Iron Burger Shop in the old Bouche Bar space is getting close to opening. A correspondent stops by: "...their doors were wide open and the owners were there to oversee a pro photog who was taking pictures inside. They were aiming to open Friday (today) but they said it's going to be open next Monday." Note, of course, the milkshake machine. [PLYWOOD]

2) Lower East Side: A reader lets us in on a new subterranean LES bar, set to open September 5: "Wandering up Ludlow Street last night I passed a bouncer standing in front of a stairway down below the building at 81 Ludlow Street. No sign, but a pink light and a blue light right right above the entryway at the bottom of the steps. The bouncer told us it was called 'Chloe' and that it would be open September 5th...The place seemed equal parts Happy Ending and Schiller's (read: spotless tiled walls + subterranean location + distressed, psuedo-Parisian floor + illuminated slabs of yellow glass)." [PLYWOOD]

3) Madison Sq. Park: A new "Mega Asian" restaurant on Madison between 28th and 29th, called Pranna, is hiring and getting ready to open in the old Scopa space. The Craigslist posting says they're having an open call today, and according to Zagat the opening chef will be Sapa alum Chai Trivedi. [PLYWOOD]

4) Williamsburg: A tipster writes in to let us know about a cafe called "Second Stop" on the corner of Lorimer and Ainsle, where the owners are restoring the building to the original 1930's facade, and a correspondent checks in to corroborate: "It will be more like Atlas than Gimme, as neighborhood coffee shops go. One of the guys who owns the place, Paul, grew up in that storefront when it was his grandfather's store in what must have been the '50's. The place is really beautiful inside -- lots of pressed tin and vintage furniture, including tables from the old bar in the Plaza Hotel -- and I generally get the sense that they know what they're doing." [PLYWOOD]

5) Park Slope: The Observer notices some new plywood at the old Cocotte space: "...beloved former French bistro Cocotte in Park Slope is being converted into some type of red-sauce joint, described simply as an 'Italian restaurant' ...Cocotte...suddenly shuttered back in February, with chef and co-owner Bill Snell blaming stiff competition along Fifth Avenue..." [PLYWOOD]

6) East Village: A tipster writes in with a pic of a new restaurant Absinthe going up in the East Village: "Saw this signage go up yesterday between Ginger and the corner deli on 1st Ave bet 6th and 7th." [PLYWOOD]

7) East Village: Bottomless Dish has an update on East Village sushi spot Fu: "...the awning is up, the paint has dried, and the furniture has arrived at the seemingly soon-to-open restaurant, which is located at 182 Avenue B (between 11th and 12th), in the space formerly occupied by vintage shop Suzette Sundae." [PLYWOOD]

8) Gowanus: Brownstoner has word on a new Brooklyn bar called Draft Barn: "The sign says it all: Over 200 of the world's finest beers (Brooklyn Lager included?) will soon be available for sipping at 530 Third Avenue between 12th and 13th Streets. The sign says Draft Barn, also the name of a beer hall on Avenue X. Is that their South Slope cousin? Seems a strange spot for a bar, but if Whole Foods ever shows up, perhaps nearby businesses on Third Ave will get a boost?" [PLYWOOD]

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