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EaterWire: Ko Lunch Update, Eldridge News, Taste of the Village, and More

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EAST VILLAGE— An update on the Ko lunch situation from a certain someone who scored a friends and family seat: "Momofuku Ko lunch recap: 3.15 hours, 17 courses, 14 pairings, 1 loving god." [Twitter]

LOWER EAST SIDE— Radar takes a look at the "90% done" nightlife spot The Eldridge and shares a few minor details: "The specialty cocktail list and menus are printed on wooden planks. The median price of a drink was $25; the signature 'Eldridge' was $32. A bottle of Dom cost $3,200. The walls are indeed lined with bottles of Champagne—they're all brushed gold, as is the floor..." More importantly, owner Matt Levine admits his comments in the NYMag interview were kind of douchey: "Yeah, I came off sounding like a jackass...But, you know, now business is really picking up." [Radar]

FLUSHING— Eating in Translation checks in on that mall in Queens, put on the map by a Times article and then shuttered the next day: "Three weeks after it was featured in a New York Times multimedia guide to Flushing eats, the Shi Hong Mall remains dark. The mall was without power only a day after the publication of the Times guide, when Joe DiStefano of Serious Eats discovered that 'apparently the landlord hadn’t paid the electric bill.'" [EiT]

GREENWICH VILLAGE— Tickets are now on sale (or you can get them at the event) for the 6th Annuel Taste of the Village, one of the city's many tasting events. This time however, tickets are only $40 and include tastings from Blue Hill, Elettaria, Otto, and Sushi Samba. [EaterWire]
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