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Plywood Special: Kellogg's Gets Updated Signage

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While we're on the subject of shuttered iconic diners, let's go across the river to Williamsburg and one of the most important transformations to ever happen to the Lorimer stop. The developers of the mega-retail and residential complex Gateway to Williamsburg are deep into constructing their assortment of buildings all around and above the notorious Kellogg's diner. But instead of selling the property, the owners of the somewhat decrepit diner closed up to give the place a top-to-bottom overhaul.

We've been tracking Kellogg's 2.0 over the last couple months but it was just last weekend that they got new, glorious signage. Gowanus Lounge sends over a few shots of the diner in all its daytime beauty, and a tipster has a grainy camera phone angle of the signage at night. Get this: not only does it light up, it blinks. A shining beacon to all hipsters needing a 24-hour option where they hopefully won't get stabbed. The question remains as to whether this revamp is a middle finger to the developers who are taking over the nabe or if it's the owner's attempt to bank on all the new yuppie residents bound to come hand in hand with the new complex.
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