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Kurve Watch: Lights On, Nobody's Home

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Sweet, sweet Kurve, Andy Yang's absurd Thai restaurant on 5th and 2nd, is now in the running as having the most botched opening in the history of NYC restaurant openings (Central Kitchen and Tailor being its main rivals). To review: place was supposed to open last fall, started annoying the neighbors by winter with its neon signage, and finally announced itself as ready in late July. There was an opening party, a friends and family night, and according to our sources, there was a time when it was actually open to the public for dinner.

Yet Kurve has not unlocked its doors for at least the last two weeks, the phone system is inoperable (verified by the Brunz), and it is officially off OpenTable. Yet the neon lights remain on, the homeless of 2nd Ave have taken up residence there once again. Instead of placing the stillborn space in the Deathwatch hospice, we'll be keeping it under close, daily surveillance until it shutters for good or gets its act together.
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