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The JetBlue Food Court Renderings Unleashed

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Image courtesy ICRAVE

The new JetBlue Terminal 5's insane food court doesn't open to the public until October 1, but Cutlets has an early look at the renderings of some of the more exciting restaurants. Let's just say we've never been so excited about anything associated with the words "food court" or "airport" before. The spaces (at least in the artists' mock-ups) are real stunners. To Cutlets for more:

"Alexandra Raij should be cozy in her warped tapas bar; Michael Schulson's Asian spot Deep Blue is meant to make you feel cocooned in water; and Mark Ladner's Aeronuova trattoria screens old Italian flicks. The Loft, which has no celebrity-chef affiliation, recalls a Soho apartment you can't afford."
The days of stale trail mix and Au Bon Pain microwaved egg sandwiches may soon be over.
· First Look: Inside JetBlue’s Food Court [Cutlets]

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