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Publicity Stunt Report: Patsy's Party Cut 3 Hours Short

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We figured that if Barney Greengrass could pull off their 'rolling back the prices' stunt back in June, there was a good chance of things running just as smoothly at yesterday's Patsy's 75th Anniversary event. Not so. It turns out that instead of closing at 10 p.m. as promised, the place closed at 7, turning away a line of Patsy's fanatics who had waited upwards of three hours to get their paws on a 60 cent whole pizza. An angry report from the scene:

"I arrived at 3:30 and by 6:30 was about 12 people away from the front. The police cut the line around 5p and said everyone on line at that point would be served...At 7, the police came out and said they were done serving. That it wasn't the owners fault, the chefs refused to cook past 7. And the chef's work for who exactly?
People were understandably upset, since we were led to believe that if we were on the line by the cut-off, we would be served. It was pretty cowardly of management to send the police to tell us it was over and I feel Patsy's management handled this very badly."
Note to other old time establishments planning a similar publicity stunt: warn your chefs they'll be cooking non-stop for almost 12 hours. Or maybe manage expectations and sell food at ridiculous prices for a few hours.
· Two Hour Lines, Barricades & 60 Cent Pizza at Patsy's 75th [~E~]

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