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Desperate Measures: Gatsby's Faking Signatures?

We've got a reader report on some scandalous behavior over at Spring Street's favorite frat bar Gatsby's, which is trying to appeal last month's decision from the community board denying their liquor license alteration:

"The bar's owner spent the entire weekend getting signatures on a made-up petition to protest...the owner was outside at all hours of the night harassing people to sign his petition. He was asking everyone, not just people who lived in the neighborhood, and stopped a friend of mine who is staying with me, on Spring Street. When my friend was asked the name of his roommates, us, the owner proceeded to write in our names on the petition when we didn't actually sign!"
In these times when every operation downtown is getting extra scrutiny for a liquor license renewal or alteration, you gotta do what you gotta do. We can guarantee you this will cause a small riot at the next meeting.
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