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Top Chef Mega-Spoilage: Top Chef Filming Tomorrow Night at Le Bernardin

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Magical Elves and the Top Chef crew will be filming at Eric Ripert's Le Bernardin this Wednesday night, about a week before the filming for the main part of the season wraps. And, Top Chef fans, as of last night, resys were still available for 5:15 and 9:45 slots. This comes as no surprise to viewers of the show, since the Ripper has made guest appearances in practically every season, typically in fish-centric or finale challenges. But was he willing to hand over his lauded kitchen to the reality show?

According to a reservationist, all regular diners will be served by the usual Le Bernardin kitchen and the film crew won't interfere in their operations. We'll have to assume the guest chefs will only be serving judges and perhaps a group of extras. That assurance of course, doesn't mean diners on Wednesday night will avoid appearing on TV or signing a lengthy waiver.

Every guest that makes a reservation must sign and fax in the release (below) promising to not ask for money in return for being on the show, sue NBC Universal Inc., plan on running for public office in the next year, or—vitally— divulge any details about the filming to third parties. (Though, any diners who want to divulge any info to us, the higher ups will never find out.) The staff suspects the filming will mostly take place in the first half of the evening, so that 5:15 might be your best chance to get close to the Top Chef action. Unless of course, you want to don a toque and sneak in the service entrance (if so, let us know).
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