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The Plywood Report: Rock-N-Sake, Williamsburg Hookah Bar, Monkey's Wedding, and More!

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1) Williamsburg: Our roving photographer checks in at the space on Bedford and North 11th: "This was the Triple Crown Lounge on Bedford Ave and like N11th, across from Sound Fix. They had tons of neighbor troubles and then I remember reading that it was going to turned into some kind of coffee house. No signage but it looks ready to serve customers." [PLYWOOD]

2) Chelsea: Metromix takes a peek at Rock-n-Sake, going in on West 25th: "Rock-n-Sake's party-sushi concept first launched in New they've made it to New York City, where a Chelsea branch launches soon." According to a press release the 2,800 sq ft space be offering "innovative rolls, exclusive cocktails and a lounge vibe in a convivial atmosphere" and will feature the following telling elements: chain drapery, 'kinetic lighting,' photos of geishas, and a floor light in the bathroom projecting films. [PLYWOOD]

3) East Village: Above we have a couple shots of a new space going in on East 6th Street between Avenues A and B. They've got checkered floors and what looks like an ice cream case or pastry case so far. Any intel, let us know. [PLYWOOD]

4) Williamsburg: A tipster writes in with some intel on the long vacant space on Grand near Lorimer, near the Bushwick Country Club: "It's going to be a hookah bar!? They said that they've had a lot of DOB issues, but it's going forward and actually looked pretty nice in a completely ripped up way. Nice ironwork going up to a sort of balcony section in the back. There will be a kitchen that they are still working on. Interesting." [PLYWOOD]

5) Upper East Side: Some UES news from the tipline: "I was walking on First Avenue on the Upper East Side and saw that a italian sandwich/coffee place is opening in a small space between 82nd and 83rd Street. It is will be called Cafe Graina (or Grana, I can't remember now)." [PLYWOOD]

6) Clinton Hill: Clinton Hill Blog has the word on a new space on Greene and Fulton: "A reader tipped me off to a new bar on Greene and Fulton, immediately behind the subway entrance. This corner has been boarded up for ages, and I would have never thought to look there...A peek inside revealed a long bar and what looked like a missing back wall leading to a giant outdoor space!." [PLYWOOD]

7) Ditmas Park: Brownstoner brings the news of an expansion from the people behind Farm on Adderley: "Later this month, on the same block, they'll welcome their new drinking establishment, a hybrid business that will operate as a flower shop during the day—yes you can sit among the roses and sip wine at night, too. Adderley owners...aren't sure what to call the place. They're thinking Monkey's Wedding..." [PLYWOOD]

8) Glendale: And from an easily excited tipster, some fondue and martinis in Glendale: "I have heard some talks about Simply Fondue opening up at Atlas Park Shopping Center...Construction looks as if it is almost complete, the walls have just been painted and a huge awning has been set up. There is writing on the awning that states there is a Martini bar in the restaurant so that is pretty exciting news." [PLYWOOD]

9) East Village: Here's the latest from the Popeye's Space. It's confirmed that the new tenant will be Cookout Grill, also going in across town on West 14th St.. [PLYWOOD]

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