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EaterWire Midday Edition: Country Steak Delayed Until March '09

Madison Square Park: It hasn't been a quiet year for Country. First a Deathwatch. Then the restaurant shuttered the formal dining room, announcing they would reopen as a steak house. After that, they were hit by the DOH, twice.

Here's the latest setback: the planned steakhouse, Country Steak, is now projecting to open in March 2009, six months after their original planned opening and nine months after the closing of the Upstairs at Country. But it's not the fault of the restaurant, says co-owner Adam Block:

"Our opening date is tied directly to the relaunching of the Carlton Hotel (the rooms are being completely remodled). The relaunch of the hotel was originally slated for Fall '08 but has now been delayed until March '09; needless to say, our opening date has now been pushed back to March '09 as well."
A tipster wonders, perhaps rightly so, if it will even open at all.
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