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Two Hour Lines, Barricades & 60 Cent Pizza at Patsy's 75th

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Today famed pizza shop Patsy's is rolling back their prices at the Harlem location to celebrate their 75th anniversary. That means 60 cent whole pies, 90 cent 12 oz steaks, and 75 cent pork chops until 10 p.m. tonight. Naturally, the place is completely mobbed. An Eater correspondent was on the scene earlier in the afternoon for a spot check:

"The line was crazy long. I spoke to a couple of women near the front of the line and they said they'd been there since 10:15. This was at around 12:50. Cops were out in full force, one officer said he had been there 'all morning.' The cops put up barricades blocking one lane of traffic and parking on either side of 1st ave. (The east side being for press vehicles. NBC was on site when I was there.) The line stretched around the block by 1."

And it's probably fair to assume the lines will continue like that all day. For any huge Patsy's fans who don't want to wait two hours for a slice, they have a side window serving regularly priced items.
· EaterWire: 60 Cent Pizzas at Patsy's [~E~]

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