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Top Chef Spoilage: Cohen an Eleven Madison Park Alum

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After confirming the identity of Top Chef cheftestant and Centro Vinoteca sous chef Leah Cohen, the unsavory comments immediately came rolling in from anonymous readers. This was, of course, after she was already called 'the bitchy one from Westchester' by the original tipster. Maybe it has something to do with Cohen, maybe it's simply because she is a successful female chef. A friend, who expects it's the latter, writes in to tell us more in the hopes that the public doesn't get a 'distorted' picture of the cheftestant:

"I know that by calling her a 'bitch' you were really making a comment about how the producers cast the show, but it's hard enough for female chefs to to be taken seriously, and I don't want to see Leah reduced to a stereotype. So I'd like to tell you a little more about her, that way people can get the full picture...
Before she was at Centro, Leah spent a year working at Eleven Madison Park, working her way up the line, to end up in charge of Meat Roast and Fish Roast. Before her stint at EMP, Leah spent a year cooking at La Mandia, in Sicily (1 Michelin Star)...

...Leah is outspoken, she likes to have fun, but above all, she's a serious cook. She's been in some of the toughest kitchens in NYC and has the scars and burns on her arm to prove it. I think she should go far in the competition."

In the end the public will immediately judge her as soon as the show airs. But until then, we'll give her the benefit of the doubt that she is a formidable (or in the very least, successful) NYC chef.
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