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The Shutter: Zen, Joe & Joe's, Lime, BK

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The shuttered Zen on South End Ave.

1) Battery Park City: BPC Chinese spot Zen, on 311 South End Ave. is now papered over. We're not sure when it went down for good, but the shutter is no more than two weeks old two months old. Not great news for the nabe, but here's hoping something superior takes its place. [Shutter Inbox]

2) West Village: A reader reports on a new shutter on 7th Ave South: "Thai place Lime on lower 7th ave is closed. Restaurant is empty of furniture, etc. That stretch of seventh turning into death row, Dragonfly, Steak Frites and now Lime. Not sure if Ido's opera nights are going to save them from the same fate." [Shutter Inbox]

3) Kensington: The Kensington blog brings the news that pizzeria Joe & Joe's has served their last pie. A family member confirms in their comments section: "...the time had come to sell the business. The new owners are unsure what they plan to open there." The following commenters debate its merit and the significance of the loss in tedious detail. [Kensington]

4) Midtown East: From the inbox: "The Burger King on E47th between Lex and 3rd is gone. Another NYC institution gone." [Shutter Inbox]

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