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Qdoba-a-Go-Go: Burrito Chain to Replace Cafe Figaro

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Earlier today, we noted some major construction going on in the old Cafe Figaro space, and a reader reveals the identity of the new tenant— the "rich man's Chipotle", Qdoba: "Old Café Figaro is going to become a Qdoba unfortunately? CB2 allows chains, but not great independent restaurants that revitalize and clean up run down areas."

And he's right. If you look at the bottom left hand corner of the blueprints found in the construction zone that was once the lackluster Cafe Figaro, you see a Qdoba logo among all the plans for endless POS systems and TV screens. We're guessing the neighbors, already inundated with generic sports bars and touristy restaurants, were hoping for something a little different. But hey, now there's a Mexican joint to fill the vacancy left by the dearly departed Senor Swanky's.
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