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Julia Child and 24,000 Others Confirmed as US Spies

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Today the National Archives will release over 750,000 once classified files that link Julia Child, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., Chicago White Sox catcher Moe Berg, the son of Ernest Hemingway, and Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg, among almost 24,000 others, to the Office of Strategic Services, a US spy agency predating the CIA. Until today, even veterans of the agency didn't know the exact breadth of its scope.

However, the news will come as no surprise to any Julia Child fans or historians. It has been known for awhile now, and she has openly admitted, that she worked overseas for the agency in her early 30's and met her husband Paul Child on assignment in China. According to an earlier report of her involvement, Child cooked up shark repellent for underwater explosives to prevent the sharks from setting them off instead of German U-Boats, and she spent days in an experiment squeezing fish to see if a solider on a life boat could get drinkable water from them. Child traveled to Sri Lanka, China, and India, and "tracked sensitive documents, dispatches, and espionage/sabotage under the South East Asia Command."
· Documents detailing early spy network released [AP]
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