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First Word: Beatrice, Travetine Delayed, San Gennaro New CB Target

Since it's August and so many people are on vacay, Community Board 2 held a truncated meeting in lieu of their usual full board meeting last night. That means, according to a CB rep, that a number of easy and time-sensitive liquor licenses aps, including that of Steve Hanson and a number of small timers, were passed on through. Meanwhile any "contentious" resolutions— we're talking 19 Kenmare's Travertine and The Beatrice— will be held back so the community has more of a chance to air its grievances in front of the mighty full board: "All of the contentious resolutions will be voted on in September, so come then if you really want to see a big pow wow."

More interestingly however, was the topic of the annual Little Italy festival/mess, San Gennaro. From our correspondent on the scene:

"The San Gennaro festival, running from Sept 11-23, has—surprise—raised many concerns from the community. In respect to noise, they requested that someone be present with a decibel meter at all times during the festival. Really. The organizers of the festival invited CB members to a walk-through of the site to identify any problems."
We can tell you right now without a decibel meter, the festival is loud. And it's messy and it makes the streets congested. But, it's also a two week long giant street festival downtown featuring frozen drinks and carnival games. What can they expect?
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