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Eater Inside: Vintage Irving

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Krieger, 8/12/08

What we have here is Vintage Irving, a new wine bar and small plates spot that came in under the radar this week from the owners of 3rd Avenue's fratty Village Pourhouse. It's got a nice look to it, though we'll have to see those venetian blinds in person for full judgment, and given the traffic in the area, it could end up being a decent after work drinks spot. As for the food, it's by Chef Jason Bunin, from the sister restaurant Sidebar next door, and he says he'll be making the usual small plates for $6-17. One stand out detail: they'll be hosting a chef-demo series, purportedly starting off with the one and only Sam Talbot. Check here, here, and here for more copious menu details, and we'll be on the lookout for early user reviews. According to the reservationist they'll open "probably" by tonight, definitely by Friday.

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