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Thursday Opening Report: Il Porto Certified Open, d'espresso Probably Today

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This is the Thursday Opening Report, a regular feature that provides the precise status of venues. As per standard operating procedure around here, your contributions are so very welcome.

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1) Wallabout: Back in April we first heard about a plywooded Il Porto, a brick oven pizza joint scheduled to open in May. After a few months of delay, Brownstoner reports it officially opened this week. They write: “We can report with confidence that the restaurant will be open to the public tomorrow. As the photos show, the eatery sports a brick oven, full bar and lots o' tables. Il Porto joins the cuban restaurant Mojito on this block of Washington Avenue, which also counts RePop and PEP Gallery as tenants.” Phone calls confirm open status. Status: Certified Open. 37 Washington Avenue, Wallabout, Brooklyn; 718-624-0954 [Brownstoner]

2) Lower East Side: Bowery Boogie reports that upscale coffee shop d’espresso will open today. They write: “With its pretentious glass facade and all-white interior motif, the cafe feels somewhat like a trendy ice cream parlor. I spoke with the owner, and he is confident that patrons will very much enjoy the unique Italian-style coffee selection.” Status: Signs point to open. 100 Stanton Street; Phone Unknown. [Bowery Boogie]