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EaterWire: Visconti Renovations, Midtown DOH, Latte Art, and More

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MIDTOWN EAST— An alarmed reader has a tip about Midtown Italian joint Visconti: "Tried to make a reservation at Visconti but it wasn't possible. A call to the restaurant delivers a recording of a line disconnect notice and opentable has them as unavailable...Business wasn't doing so well for them." A spot check (right) reveals they are doing summer renovations and will reopen at the end of summer. [EaterWire]

NATIONAL—"Latte art" is all the rage these days, and the Wall Street Journal has the lengthy article to prove it: "One technique involves making elegant designs by jiggling the pitcher while pouring milk into espresso; another calls for a toothpick or thermometer to draw shapes like animals and faces in a drink's foam after it is poured...Not everyone likes the direction latte art is heading." So, to be clear, we're talking about drawing on coffee, right? [WSJ via Eater SF]

MIDTOWN— A reader writes in to say that there was another Midtown DOH'ing today, this time at Jewel of India: "Both Jewel of India and Red Flame on 44th have been shut down today. Where will Conde Nast dine now?!" [EaterWire]

TOP CHEF UNIVERSE— A couple updates on the world of Top Chef Season 5 courtesy of our main man, Mr. Cutlets. The CIA grad and Don Rickles' private chef, Stacey Slichta, who was rumored to be a contestant, is not in the running. However, Cizutty hears that a sous chef from Centro Vinoteca may be: "Anne Burrell, asked for comment, refuses to confirm or deny, so we’ll just assume it’s true." [Cutlets]

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