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First Word: The Neighbors Rally Against Beatrice, Hanson and More at Epic CB2 Meeting

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Though this month's Community Board 2 SLA Licensing meeting ran a lot more smoothly and calmly than last month's—when the chair threatened to call the police on riled up community members—a great number of people still came out to show their opposition, and in rare cases support, for some big name spaces including The Beatrice Inn, Bobo, and a project by the one and only Steve Hanson:

1) The opposition to the renewal of the Beatrice Inn's liquor license was unparalleled. Even Amy Sedaris came out to express her opposition, though she didn't voice her opinion to the board. Other, more vocal, residents complained about everything from the noise of the club goers to issues with idling taxis to problems with drugs, smoking indoors, and fire hazards. The owner said they offered all they could to do to help lower the effects of noise, but they couldn't do any renovations to the building because it is landmarked. The final decision on the renewal will be made at tomorrow's full board meeting.

2) Whereas last month neighbors brought "Say No No to Bobo!" signs to oppose the restaurant's plans to add more bar stools, after meetings with owner Carlos Suarez, two neighbors sat until 10:30 to announce their support of the proposed changes and thanked Suarez for being so flexible. The amendment to Bobo's Certificate of Occupancy to increase the occupancy, however, requires Suarez to obtain a public assembly license—but the biggest obstacle has been overcome.

3) The man himself, Steve Hanson, made a repeat appearance, this time to defend his plans for the basement level of 675 Hudson Street. The lounge will serve food from the restaurant upstairs, Vento. The fight with the community got very heated—a character battle broke out in which he had to defend his reputation as a good neighbor, telling the group, "I've done a thousand things for you guys!" In the end, the committee recognized his reputation as an experienced business owner, but they tabled the decision until next month.

4) RBM 8th Street, laid over from last month, also faced a contentious crowd. An 11 year-old neighbor protested the increased street noise, citing concerns for getting rest and "doing my homework." Another member of the community supported the application, claiming that new restaurants were an important part of "the revitalization of 8th street." Committee member Carol Yankay concurred, adding that "the shoe stores aren't coming back." The owner attempted to clarify the meanings of "gastro pub" and a menu item, "faggots with pig's ears," supposedly snails, but in the end he was laid over yet again pending revisions to the application.
—Reporting by Noah Adler
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