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Restaurants & Stores May Face Fines For Wasting Energy

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Delicatessen via ATHLETE Director Dave/Flickr

For while now our friends over at Racked have been chronicling "the rather despicable practice" and the "carbon-non-neutral" trend of stores leaving their ACs blasting with their doors wide open. Well, stores aren't the only ones wasting energy, and tomorrow the city council may pass a law to fine both store and restaurant owners who don't keep things closed up tight:

"The City Council is poised to approve new legislation on Thursday that would bar stores from keeping their doors open when air-conditioners or central cooling systems are in use. Any store or restaurant in violation of the new rule will first be issued a written warning and charged fines for subsequent violations. The second time within an 18-month period that a business is found to be violating the law, a fine of $200 would be charged by the city for every open door. That fine would increase to $400 a door for any subsequent violations during the same period."
So all you restauranteurs who have installed powerful ACs in order to keep your windows, garage doors, and whatnot open to the street (as Delicatessen said they planned on doing a couple weeks ago), better decide if the benefits outweigh the possible new fine.
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