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Eater Inside: Apiary

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Krieger, 8/12/08

Apiary the long plywooded space in the NYU Zone of Third and 11th opens tomorrow, and the media outlets are at the ready. It's already received an opening announcement from the mags (Tony, NYM), the papers (NYS, NYT), and the ubiquitous email newsletters (Thrillist, DC). It's a slow opening season, and this is a pretty little spot with a pedigreed chef.

The breakdown is as follows: the design is by French furniture company Ligne Roset while a Bar Americain alum, Neil Manacle, takes credit for the food (menu here). Price point is about par for the course for the area (entrees in the mid-$20s), and the 'seasonal New American' fare its touting isn't anything we haven't seen before, though they do seem to have an excellent beer list. We'll have to wait to see if Manacle learned anything from Flay and can turn this into an East Village mega-hit. The local restaurant obsessives will be sure to check in by the weekend. More info here and here.


60 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10003 Visit Website