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Top Chef Season 5 Stalking: TC Miscellany

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Over the last week an assortment of tips have come in about Top Chef Season 5. Taken separately, none are blockbusters, but together the tipsters, Eater spies, and our blogger colleagues have come up with an impressive assemblage of intel:

· So far, chefs Danny Gagnon of New York, Jeff McInnis of Miami, Stefan Richter of LA, and CIA student Patrick Dunlea have been named as possible cheftestants in Season 5. Eater LA has it that Los Angeles private chef (for Don Rickles no less) and CIA grad Stacey Slicha is the newest confirmed contestant.

· Meanwhile in San Francisco, Eater SF has some rumormongering on possible cheftestant, Absinthe's Jamie Lauren.

· A tipster with ties to Parks Dept. tells us the crew had plans to film in Central Park yesterday but dropped out at the last minute. Apparently they were frustrated with the endless rules for filming in the park and noted they were getting frustrated with all the red tape in New York in general.

· A reader with a friend in the competition makes a good point this morning: "I've heard that taping for the main part of the competition will be over by August 25. Interesting to see who shows back up to work on 8/26." Keep an eye out, suspicious co-workers. Until then, where are you NYC Top Chef paparazzis?

· Any Top Chef football fanatics? An interesting tip from a reader: "Possible tip for a TC5 sighting: August 23, NY Giants vs NY Jets at the Meadowlands. Preseason game. Would make for a good taste off." Those producers do love their sporting events, however at that point they'll probably have too few contestants for a ep like that.

Any more intel on the second most famous reality show being filmed in New York right now? Let us know.
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