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10 Downing Tracking: New Clock Added, Opening Still Dicey

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West Village: A corespondent checks in on the 10 Downing situation, most recently slated to have an "August opening," and notes that interior looks finished and they've made the biggest addition to the exterior since summer began—they've added a lovely decorative clock:

"Nice clock added to 10 Downing. I peeked through the window as well, and there are papers on a table like someone's in there planning something. The chairs are up on the tables. As I recall, it looks pretty close to done. I don't know what's preventing them from opening."
Don't take the clock as a sign of opening however. Rep for the Jason Neroni project, Steve Hall, says he's "just not sure at this time" when this puppy will open, and last we heard they were still waiting for the gas. Three weeks more and these guys are going to make Flo Fab's fall previews for the second time around.
· Jason Neroni's Re-Debut at 10 Downing Now Slated for August [~E~]
· Plywood Update: Delays Continue at 10 Downing [~E~]

10 Downing Food and Wine

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