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EaterWire: Rose Water's Roast, Chipotle Goes Local, the Rubicon Epilogue, and Free Brownie Giveaway

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NATIONWIDE— Cutlets brings the news that burrito chain Chipotle is going to start sourcing locally: "Chipotle is hopping on the locavore bandwagon by promising to buy from small to mid-size local farms a significant amount of the produce used at its 730-plus locations. The starting commitment is to source 25 percent of one particular item per season from the locals..." [Cutlets]

SAN FRANCISCO— Yesterday, Rubicon overlord Drew Nieporent alluded to high business costs unique to San Francisco, and today he shares hard figures: "'The rent was $60,000 more than any of our places in New York,' said Nieporent. 'The payroll in San Francisco was $100,000 more than New York. And San Francisco's health insurance requirements were killing us. The restaurant was doing well, but we just couldn't make money.'" [Wine Spectator via Eater SF]

PARK SLOPE— The Strongbuzz has a reminder about a Park Slope foodie event with a slightly humorous start: "Rose Water's Third Annual Fool Pig Roast is Thursday, August 21 at 7pm. Only a few tix remain...The name Fool Pig Roast stems from a visit from the Health Department three weeks after their first endeavor at cooking outside...One of their Park Slope 'neighbors' had called and complained that cooking a, 'full animal,' outside on the sidewalk was, 'smoky, disgusting and inappropriate.' The inspector couldn't find any evidence...noting that there was no 'fool pig' anywhere to be seen." [Strongbuzz]

COLUMBUS CIRCLE— Free food alert, tomorrow at the Merchant's Gate at Columbus Circle: "From 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. the Do-Goodie crew from Greyston Bakery, the for-profit arm of the Yonkers-based Greyston Foundation, will be offering irresistible samples of their new Do-Goodie Brownie, along with coupons for a dollar off of two Do-Goodies, easily redeemed at the nearby Whole Foods at Time Warner Center." [EaterWire]

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