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Botch Jobs: The Miracle Fruit Mess

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About two and a half months ago, the papers, the blogs, and any bored trendsetters looking for something new were all swooning over a new 'magical' berry the Miracle Fruit. The pricey berries short circuit the palate, causing one to taste acidic foods as sweet. "Flavor tripping" parties featuring the fruit (and a $15 entrance fees) got a spike in attendance, and wily entrepreneur Neel Shah began a business selling the fruit, promising orders made before Wednesdays would be delivered by Fridays. Apparently the demand was more than the new dealer could handle. The Life Vicarious reports that after two months of waiting for his backed up order of the berries, he finally received a mass email apology from Shah promising 'tablets' in lieu of the berries or, alternately, full refunds.

Yet, that didn't satisfy a number of the other email recipients: "...jilted customers not seeing the upside of having a significant mailing list of trendwatchers with expendable income, (the addresses range from Cool Hunting to Food Network to Jezebel...) decided to air their grievances to the entire list all throughout the weekend." The angered (and crazed?) miracle fruit lovers go so far as to call the attorney general and the NYPD, threaten the dealers with legal action, and even criticize Shah for the way he handled his mother's death. It's berries's just berries.
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