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Coffee Wire: 'Breakthrough' Blue Bottle Debuts at Gramercy Tavern

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As mentioned by the San Francisco Chronicle earlier this month, Blue Bottle Coffee, San Francisco's high-end coffee roaster with a cult following, has made its New York debut. Gramercy Tavern is the first NYC restaurant to serve the lauded coffee and has installed a $12,000 machine (a La Marzocco GB-5 to be exact), "calibrated and tweaked by the Bluebottle team." The Times' resident coffee geek Oliver Schwaner-Albright stopped by to report on and sample the new brew at GT last week, and he is already smitten:

"It’s a breakthrough. For the most part, coffee is an afterthought at even the best’s tragic when what was a spectacular meal ends with a bitter, acidic or burnt espresso...

...all beans will be roasted within the last week, every espresso will be ground to order, any shot that’s less than perfect will be thrown away. It even means changing the menu. Bluebottle is against the sized coffee drink, so if you want a double espresso, order two.

...Will the average diner at Gramercy Tavern notice? Probably not. But some will, and as word gets out others might stop by the bar just to order what might be the best espresso in New York".
Oh snap! You hear that Stumptown? And you baristas as Grumpy's and Gimme? The coffee war/renaissance is finally coming to the East coast.
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Gramercy Tavern

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