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Deathwatching: Blue Seats Shuttered During Prime Time Olympics Coverage

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Blue Seats, last night 9 p.m., shuttered

Is the LES's overpriced and deathwatched sports bar Blue Seats doneski? All signs are finally pointing to yes. According to a tipster, the place has actually been closed for a few weeks without anyone noticing, but calls to the venue and daytime spot checks came back inconclusive. We uncovered neither a shutter announcement nor any signs of life. Yet, a nighttime walk-by last week revealed an open but very empty venue, not a good sign.

But here's where things get really dicey: last night—during prime time Summer Olympics coverage, which included the epic U.S. photo finish win over the French in the swimming relay race— the place was completely shuttered. If there's anytime for a sports bar to not be closed, it's now. We're predicting a move from the hospice to greener pastures anytime now.
VITAL UPDATE: From the manager of Blue Seats, we learn place is always closed on summer Sundays, Olympics or not: "We run a restaurant with integrity and just want to be loved like everyone else."
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