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The Shutter: Border Burrito Preparing for 2nd Makeover

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East Village: Border Burrito, the strange new incarnation of the former Rocket Wrapps, had ambitious plans but has finally given up on their music cafe/make your own burrito concept. According to a shop clerk nearby, the owner—who changed the space from the wrap and smoothie joint just four months ago—will reopen it as something else yet again "hopefully by the end of the month." Given some negative response the space got after the last changeover, we're guessing the ownership thinks an entirely new concept is the way to go.

Or perhaps it's a conspiracy. Says one tipster: "Between this and the Burritoville shuttering up, a wave of anti-burritoism is sweeping the East Village! Maybe Chipotle is behind a conspiracy."
· The Curious Case of Border Burrito [~E~]

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