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The DOH Chronicles: The Final Straw at Cafe Carciofo

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Cobble Hill: For most restaurants, getting shuttered by the DOH is bad for their reputations and bad for business, but they typically bounce back. However, for some, the DOH'ing is just the nail in the coffin. See Mei Lai Wah for a recent example. According to a tipster, a recent DOH inspection for Cobble Hill's Cafe Carciofo was the final straw:

"Cafe Carciofo in Cobble Hill was DOH'd on July 29th, and over the weekend they were having a tag sale to sell off most of the stuff in the restaurant. The owners were there looking very glum and there were bright yellow signs up saying that they were closing for good because of the poor treatment they'd received from the DOH."
They may feel they were unfairly targeted, but according to the official report, there was a lot of serious rule breaking going on at the restaurant, including this existence of a "sewage disposal system in disrepair," faulty plumbing, and cross-contaminated food. In a case like this, perhaps it was easier to shut her down than to bring the place up to code.
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