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The Plywood Report: Luigi's, Cookout Grill, d'espresso, Spicy Pickle, and More!!

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1) Chinatown: A reader writes in to tell us about Cafe Petisco, opening up in Chinatown: "Just saw this today as I was walking to the F on my way to work. Renovation underway on the corner of East Broadway and Jefferson St. (right by Seward Park and the relatively new Broadway East restaurant), looks like the place will be called 'Cafe Petisco.' The place used to be called 'East Side Cafe,' a very little, low-key neighborhood diner." [PLYWOOD]

2) Clinton Hill: Clinton Hill Blog has some news regarding the space on 275 Grand: "I have two reports from readers that the sign now says it will be home to Luigi’s Pizza. An offshoot or relocation for the pizza place on DeKalb near Pratt? Or a different Luigi?" [PLYWOD]

3) West Village: We already heard there was a Cookout Grill moving into the old Popeye's space, and Lost City is reporting there's yet another going up: "'s another in the former 99-cent store under Time Machine at 14th and 7th. You've got to wonder about that Asian-styled, chicken-clubbing caveman mascot." [PLYWOOD]

4) East Village: A tipster sends in the latest pic of whatever is going into the old Julep space at 9 Avenue A. Still looks pretty raw, but any intel on the future plan is much appreciated. [PLYWOOD]

5) Brooklyn Heights: A Brooklyn correspondent sends in the most recent a shot of Spicy Pickle the replacement for the recently shuttered and iconic Armando's, preparing to open on Montague." [PLYWOOD]

6) Downtown Brooklyn: Brownstoner brings the news that a Connecticut Muffin is moving in to the Renaissance Court Building in Brooklyn: "....half of the 12,000-square-foot retail space would go to the Red Cross...the owners had carved out a few smaller spaces...the first such tenant has been landed...The sign in the window says 'Coffee Shop Coming Soon' and a worker on the site spilled the beans to a reader that it was going to be a Connecticut Muffin. Sounds like great news for this stretch." [PLYWOOD]

7) Lower East Side: And a LES correspondent brings word of yet another coffee bar. This one, d'espresso is going in on Stanton between Orchard and Ludlow. [PLYWOOD]

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