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Top Chef Season 5 Features Today Show Challenge

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Amuse Biatch points out that the one and only Tommy Colicchio made an appearance on the Today Show this morning (video here) to pimp the upcoming season of Top Chef and to unveil one of the season's strange (and rather silly) elimination challenges. The 13 remaining chefs were asked to create dishes that they would prepare on the Today Show if they were given a short spot. Three final dishes were chosen after all cheftestants presented two minute promos to the judges, and TC presented them to the show's unbearable lady hosts. If you can't stand to watch the segment, just know the dishes include a tomato, watermelon, feta cheese salad, a sautéed shrimp cabbage roll, and seared tuna with asparagus, nothing exactly earth-shattering. The women are all picky eaters: one doesn't eat watermelon, the pregnant one can't have the tuna, and, the major highlight, Kathie Lee actually spits out the cabbage roll. In the end, the watermelon/feta won, and that chef will live to see another day of Padma and the test kitchen and will also make the dish on the Today Show after the ep airs in December.
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