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Eaters' Journal 8/1/08: Delicatessen, Tailor, Hotel Delmano, Eight Mile Creek

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Delicatessen, opening night

Delicatessen: Three important things to know about Delicatessen: it's a total scene (think MePa transplanted two miles to the southeast), it feels like a sauna (open garage doors even in a heat wave), and the food is not worth revisiting at this point (and please ignore the hype about those burger spring rolls). If you can get over any of those elements, great. You aren't the only one enjoying the people watching. We expect the bar will continue to be teeming with high heeled ladies in party frocks and their men folk with the deep v-necks for awhile now. Escalades spotted idling outside: 1. —Kludt

Tailor: On a Tuesday night in late July, hat tip to Mason and Co. for getting the joint 3/4 full. 1-2 deep bar, too. Not an insignificant feat. But, has the restaurant become a little gun shy with flavoring after a slapping from reviewers? Loved it or hated it, flavors last September were vibrant and unapologetic. Now, the kitchen seems to be tip toeing around their vision. Foie gras isn't Snickers-popping the way it was. Menu on paper looks as good as it ever has, including the savvy shift to appetizers and entrees, so here's to hoping the kitchen finds their balls again. —BL

Hotel Delmano: The swanktified Williamsburg cocktail lounge wasn't as crowded last weekend as it had been on previous visits, but that's to be expected round these parts in the summer. They've made some tweaks to their menu that I think are, for the most part, welcome (the St. Germain cocktail is more serious for one). A choice addition: a can of Tecate, shot of tequila, and shot of sangrita, served on a tray.—Kludt

Eight Mile Creek: I had a light dinner at Eight Mile Creek last week. It was fantastic. We went early, sat inside to take advantage of the ac on a sweltering day, and split the sweet chili crayfish cake, the kanga skewers and the barbecued artichoke. The last dish sounds dicey, but was amazing (no doubt the copious amount of olive oil drizzled over the choke helped). BBQ artichoke, I nominate you for appetizer of the year. —Price

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