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EaterWire: Cafe Select Friends and Family and an Iron Chef Blood Bath

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SOHO— According to DBTH, Serge Becker's counterpart to La Esquina, Cafe Select, is having a friends and family cocktail party tonight. They already had a party or two last month, but this latest soirée signals we're getting one step closer to the real deal. [DBTH]

IRON CHEF— Serious Eats culled out the very best quote from Nightline's story on Iron Chef last night. From Alton Brown: "This season there's been a fair amount of blood. People have been cutting themselves, lopping off things... the chefs are more likely to injure themselves because sous chefs tend to handle knives better...[The chefs] become big on TV and they become sloppy with knife skills...blood all over...Sous chefs are laughing." [SE]

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