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Top Chef Rumormongering: Cast to Live at 20 Bayard

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Get your telephoto lenses, your camping gear ready Williamsburg residents— last month's rumors that the Top Chef season 5 contestants are being housed in Williamsburg are looking more and more likely. A new tip has come across the Top Chef Wire informing us that the aspiring reality show stars will be living at new McCarren Park luxury condo development 20 Bayard. Reps at the building's offices give us the non-confirmation confirm, saying it's "preliminary to give a statement" and that they "can't speak to it right now," but that they will release a statement soon. Oh boy. A statement! It's all a little too much to take. Since offering housing to the show is a way to get advertising for the building, expect plenty of shots of the building's logo and sweeping Manhattan views while Top Cheffers take cig breaks on their roofdeck. Maybe they'll even squeeze fitness center shots in. Just know that our own small cadre of Eater paparazzi is en route to the site, with supplies for a summer-long stake out.
· Top Chef Rumormongering: Contestants to Live in Williamsburg [~E~]

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