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First Word Addendum: Cops Called During 19 Kenmare Debate

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There was a little matter of the police getting called at last night's CB 2 Committee meeting that we thought deserved its own time in the spotlight. That occurred during—what else— the discussion of doomed, and curious case, 19 Kenmare. The new tenants are trying to get a liquor license for Compas, which they describe as a traditional Mexican restaurant and bar featuring live poetry readings, music, and free film screenings. However the public, determined that anything trying to get that space will eventually become a club, wasn't buying it last night. When the committee chair declared that the decision would be delayed to the August session, the crowd swarmed the committee table, and one woman immediately flew off the handle. Committee chair Ray Lee threatened to call the police if she didn't settle down, which he eventually had to do at 10:43. The cops never showed, but we wouldn't be surprised if this escalates during next month's meeting. Note to restaurateurs: leave 19 Kenmare alone, and let it become the bank or Starbucks or whatever else doesn't require community approval.
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