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PR Hall of Shame: The "Florent" of Soho

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Every once in awhile we get a press release, a PR newsletter, or an email requesting coverage that is so shameless that is goes directly into the PR Hall of Shame. Lucky for all of us, we got one such email today from Gotham PR. The second paragraph explains it all:

I hope you are doing well today. I wanted to take a second of your time to tell you about our restaurant client, Bread, located in Soho.

Bread is an establishment that is destined to be the new Florent of the area, located on Spring Street right down the street from the New Museum. The crowd is made up of neighborhood locals amongst a very Euro crowd that keeps coming back to this casual bistro.

We want to broaden the awareness and uniqueness of Bread specifically highlighting not only the restaurant but the entrepreneurial owners Dario Milani and Luigi and Leah Comandatore. I think that Eater would be a great place to feature not only Bread as a restaurant but to emphasize their upcoming events and openings.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this and possibly set up a time to talk to you about Bread and its owners....

We don't have anything against Bread or these Dario, Luigi, and Leah characters. They've got a fine set up. However, what is this "destined to be the next Florent" business? Will it close after a controversial court case? Is it a hub for the Nolita gay scene or nightlife scene? Or are they just looking for buzz words to resonate with editors scanning press releases?
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