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Facing Adversity: Alloro Plagued by Construction

Having your restaurant covered in scaffolding is never good for business. Neither is being next to a condo site, a water main break, or any uncontrollable construction. Good restaurants with loyal customers can bounce back. However we have to say it's incredibly unfortunate to have to open your restaurant while your sidewalk is closed and covered in scaffolding and a giant dumpster blocks the front awning. That's the scene at new Upper East Side Italian joint Alloro, which even got some words of sympathy from its new favorite regular Steven Cuozzo: "In a neighborhood smothered in penne puttanesca, you'd never guess what's coming out of the kitchen at poor Alloro, which is blockaded by a condo-construction crater on one side and chemical tanks, dumpsters and trailers in the street." Hopefully, as long as they can secure a couple more raves like the Cuozz's, the aesthetics/accessibility won't be a problem.
· Alloro A new Italian with Allure [NYP]

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