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Blogger Wars: Guest Outs DBTH Other Half

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One of the stranger blogger battles we've ever seen has now broken out in full on nightlife blogs Down By The Hipster and Guest of a Guest. You can catch up on it here, here, here, here, and here, and the buildup is about as exciting as a war between two nightlife blogs could be (read: not very). What is interesting, however, is the latest barb thrown from GoaG, outing DBTH's second-in-command:

"The second half of DBTH is Jesse Herman, who is a very small time hotel and club investor. Among his holdings are a few points in Cain—just enough that he has access to confidential emails and memos send to investors. That’s how DBTH gets all that Cain news. And why every other post on DBTH is a shill for the club."
So much for the blog's inside info on Cain now. But really GoaG and DBTH, maybe it's time to take a breather before you continue waging this war. Update: Hipster Scott sends us this important clarification: "Who knew that rachelle would go so bat shit? but just to keep facts straight, jesse doesn't have anything to do with cain, hotels, or investments in restaurants. But that doesn't matter, i have been wanting to call her an idiot for a while, and decided that today was the day."
· Jesse Herman Is The Second Half Of Down By The Hipster Operation [GoaG]

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